September 16, 2014. St. Peter's Chapel during Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, as you were praying tonight with this little prayer group you realized that it has been for over 15 years that this prayer group has been praying and offering petitions for others, followed by the most holy rosary and ending with benediction. How it pleases my son Jesus when each of you come before him in prayer and adoration. You recall that one of your group's constant prayer petitions was for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life and you see that your parish has recently had one of its own become ordained as one of my priest sons. I have asked my children throughout the world to continue to pray , pray and pray and you can now see that vocations to the priesthood can indeed become reality through intercessory prayer. I humbly ask each of you who can hear my voice to please pray, pray and pray for more vocations to the priesthood. For without my priest sons, the bread and wine cannot be transformed into the body and blood of my son Jesus. Thank you, my little children, for your prayers for our current priests and for the future priests who are in such need of your holy prayers and intercessions. Thank you for listening.