How The Messages Began

I believe that we are all God's children and that he wants to speak to each of us in a very personal way.

In December of 1998 I had asked the pastor of our parish if we could start perpetual adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Perpetual adoration is when Jesus is exposed in the form of a consecrated host and placed in a glass monstrance so that all may see and adore him constantly twenty four hours a day. This is usually accomplished by each person spending one hour before Jesus in quiet prayer and adoration. He told me that he felt that our parish was not ready at that time for perpetual adoration and suggested that I take my request to our parish's Gethsemene prayer group which meets once a week before the Blessed Sacrament and to pray about it.

This prayer group prays the Rosary and reads prayer petitions requested each week by our fellow parishoners. Little did I know what was to come as a result of our priest's suggestion for me to start attending the Gethsemene prayer group. During the recitation of the Rosary, I heard a gentle voice, whom I thought to be the Blessed Mother, say to me, "Please write down these words." It was not a physical voice that I heard but these gentle words seemed to originate from my heart. I tested the spirit to determine if they were of God and not from some sort of evil spirit. I then wrote down the words that I had received and put them away thinking that I was going crazy. Who was I to be receiving words from our Blessed Mother to write down for others to read. Only by the grace of God did I write them down and kept them in my dresser at home.

I spoke to my wife and four children about these messages and although they looked at me kind of funny they were very supportive. I then kept attending the Gethsemene prayer group and the messages continued. I began sharing them with the prayer group but was discouraged from doing this after a while as this sort of thing just doesn't happen to normal people in our day.

After a few months a friend of mine suggested that I speak to a spiritual director and talk to him about the words/messages I was receiving. I did not know what a spiritual director was or how to go about finding one so I just prayed that if it was God's will, that he would send me to one.

Somehow through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a priest by the name of Monsignor Ralph Chieffo agreed to meet with me. After reading some of the messages and asking me many questions, he told me that I was receiving what is called "interior locutions" and that he believed that they were of God. He encouraged me to continue writing them down if they kept coming and to send them to others that I come in contact with.

The messages kept coming and I kept writing them down. They would be spoken only a few words at a time which I would patiently write down trying not to misconstrue any of them. The messages were also from Jesus, God our Father, the Most Holy Spirit, and even the angels and saints. All but one of the over 200 messages received have taken place while I was praying before a Tabernacle or before the Most Blessed Sacrament at various churches and adoration chapels. These occurred in different countries as well as different locations throughout the United States. The one common factor was Jesus, alive and present, in the Eucharist.

Now, over six years later, I have been prompted by the Most Holy Spirit to compile these messages into a format that can be easily shared with other people.

So we come to to this point in your life--yes, your life! I pray that you will be open to the Most Holy Spirit in reading these messages with childlike faith and that you will grow in love for our Triune God and for your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Thanks be to God!

Michael H. Altschuler