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January 3, 2012. St. Peter's Church During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I wish you to remember being at the maternity ward in the hospital and seeing the precious newborn children in their little cribs sleeping so soundly and watched over by the nurses and then taken to visit with their mothers. You must understand that I am there also at their side. Think about the newborn's parents and how happy and content they are but also how nervous they are as new parents. Know that I am at their side. As the young newborn child grows up as the parents become older know through both sickness and joyful celebrations in their lives, I am at their side. As the child grows up, marries and has a family of their own, know I am at their side. As the parents get older and become grandparents, know I am at their side. As the grandparents becomes older and sickness sets in and they are at the end of their earthly life, know I am at their side. I wish you to know and all who can hear my words that I have been blessed to be the mother of all mankind and I am at each of your sides throughout you earthly lives from conception until your earthly death always with the special desire to bring you and each of your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world to my son, Jesus. Know that I will be at your side always and as your mother, my desire is to point you toward Jesus who will bring each of you to eternal life in heaven with our Father. Know that as your mother, I love you so dearly and I am just a prayer away to guide you. Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Most Holy Spirit for allowing me to be your mother.

January 15, 2012. St. Elizabeth's Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, last night during adoration as you looked up at my son hanging on the cross you noticed how defenseless he looked with his arms outstretched and his hands nailed to the cross in total submission to God's will. You noticed his feet nailed also to the cross and that he was stripped of all his possessions except a small cloth and a crown of thorns. How weak and fragile he looked. He was truly the sacrificial lamb. You felt my agony and feeling of total helplessness as you looked at Jesus hanging on the cross. My son, Jesus, who cured thousands and raised Lazarus from the dead could not save himself as he was being obedient to the Father's will. How it pierced my sorrowful heart. I wish you to turn your thoughts to the most defenseless of your present times, the unborn children. Who will defend them, these most defenseless of children, from the sin of abortion. Who will stand up for these modern day saints? I ask each of you to pray for these children that they might have the same chance to lead an earthly life just as each of you were given. Can you pray for these poor children? Can you pray for a change of heart of these precious children's parents that they will give their children the gift of life, life to the fullest. As my son Jesus said, "Whatever you do for the least of my children, that you do unto me." Remember these words. Pray that hardened hearts will become open to the gift of life. Thank you for listening.

March 2, 2012. St. Elizabeth's Chapel.

From Jesus: My son, this morning after you received myself in the Eucharist you thoughts turned to all the holy souls in purgatory longing to be released into heaven. Your thoughts then turned to how very blessed you are to be able to come to mass and receive me in my body and blood and become one with me, your Lord and Savior. You are receiving exactly what the souls in purgatory are longing for, to be united with me. By receiving me in the Eucharist, you and your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world who also receive me in the Eucharist, are receiving a glimpse on heaven on earth. What pierces my Sacred Heart is the apathy of many of my children who do not see the benefit of coming to mass and receiving this wonderful, God given gift I have for each of them. I assure you, my son, that so many of the souls in purgatory would exchange places with each of you just to have the opportunity and privilege to receive me in the Eucharist. During this Lenten period I ask each of you to pray that yourself, your family members and all who you know will truly understand this God given miracle each of you can receive on earth, my precious body and blood . Do not miss this wonderful opportunity. Know that the souls in purgatory pray for each of you. My peace I leave you.

May 1, 2012. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From God the Father: My child, as you look at the stained glass window in this chapel showing Holy Mary holding my son Jesus in her arms after he was taken down from the cross, you can now truly understand the pain and sorrow she experienced as she mourned his death. You, my child, have recently lived his same sorrow and pain when your grandson died in your daughter's arm's as you were there next to her side. Know, my child, that I was present with Mary when she held Jesus in her arms and I was present with your daughter and yourself in your sorrow and pain. Know that I am present always at the time each of my children pass from this earthly life to enter into their eternal life. I have the perfect plan for each of you and for all my children. Know that my love for each of you knows no bounds and is eternal.

May 21, 2012. St. Elizabeth Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, during the holy mass this morning I wish to confirm to you that when you consumed my son Jesus in his body and blood he totally consumed your body and soul. You have been nourished with the bread of life. You and your brothers and sisters around the world who consume my Jesus in his precious body are now united in a physical way with my son Jesus. His divine being emulates from you to others whom you come in contact with throughout the day. You have received a touch of heaven while still on earth. This, my children, is a true blessing. Never take this gift from heaven, my Jesus, for granted. I have been so very blessed to be able to witness my son Jesus at each holy mass said throughout the world, but sadly, many of my children receive my Jesus with a lukewarm heart. Please pray, my little children, that yourselves and your fellow brothers and sisters will be truly open to the healing and life giving gift from heaven, Jesus in the Eucharist. Thank you for listening.

June 12, 2012. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, you have awaken from your spiritual slumber and you can now feel my divine rays of mercy and love. These rays are directed right to your heart and to your soul. If you would just allow me and be open to my healing love and love for you, you will then become internally transformed to my ways, my ways of truth and love. Just as a flower is nourished and cleaned by a steady rain, when each of you come before me in the Blessed Sacrament your souls are cleaned and refreshed like the flowers from the rain. All I ask so very gently to each of you is to be simply present in my presence. Allow me, your Lord and God, to reside in your heart. So simple, but so true. Amen.

July 16, 2012. St. Thomas More Church.

From Jesus: My child, it is now just you and I together as one after you consumed my body and blood in the mass. You must not forget how in my human side I suffered, felt loneliness, rejection, abandonment and even anxiety. But it was in those difficult moments of my earthly life where I sought the presence and wisdom of my Heavenly Father. That is why I sought solitude so I could listen to the loving words of wisdom and direction from my Father. You and your fellow brother and sisters throughout the world must follow my ways of seeking the will of our Heavenly Father in all times of your lives. It is hard to hear his voice or learn his ways when the loud and confusing ways of the world distract you. Do not think that your troubles or anxieties are too much for our Heavenly Father to wish to share with you. For many times it is through these difficult and trying times in your little lives where our Heavenly Father can finally get your attention. Try to always remember these words, "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." Thank you for listening.

August 21, 2012. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, you now have the clarity of mind to hear my words that I have repeated over and over during my life on earth. "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

No one who has read or heard these words from me can deny that I have made my ways clear to all. I humbly ask each of you again to listen to my words to each of you and please listen to them with your heart . "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Go in peace knowing each of you have been told these truths.

September 26, 2012. St. Elizabeth's Church.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I am pleased that you have finally quieted your restless spirit and can now hear my gentle voice. Try to imagine that you are walking on a very high tight rope between the roofs of two very large buildings and you had a long pole in your hands to help you keep your balance as you took one careful step at a time. Your entire being and senses are extremely aware of the dangers you encounter with each step. Your eyes are concentrated on the edge of the building across from you as you take one careful step at a time. Now, my son, think of your spiritual life on earth to be similar to walking across a dangerous tight rope. Have you and each of your fellow brothers and sisters had your spiritual senses dulled over the past days and weeks? Have you been as concerned about your actions toward God and others or as concerned about the state of your soul as you would have been concerned while walking on the tight rope? I assure you , my children, that the spiritual dangers and evil spirits that each of you encounter each day while on your earthly journeys can be much more dangerous than walking a tight rope. Please pray that yourselves and your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world will be more open to the loving mercy, care and protection of our Triune God and keep their focus on the finish line, eternal life in Heaven. Thank you for listening.

October 16, 2012. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, when you came into this chapel tonight you hardly noticed me in the Most Blessed Sacrament as you concentrated on prayers for others. You did notice that I appeared to be a very dull shade of gray. When your prayer group began to pray the rosary you then noticed how brilliantly white I became in the monstrance as your prayer group proceeded through the rosary prayers. Let this be a lesson to you and to all that can hear or read my words. When two or more are gathered together before me in prayer, it heals the wounds of my sacred heart and allows my rays of love and mercy to shine on all who come to me in earnest prayer. Know that your prayers before me are indeed heard. My peace I leave with you.

November 12, 2012. St. Elizabeth's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, as you sit before me, your thoughts continue to return to how many weaknesses you have and my answer to you is yes indeed, you do have many weaknesses. But my son, it is in these weaknesses that you can understand my strength, my love and my mercy for you. You can not earn this unconditional love that I have for you and your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world. You must understand that it is indeed a grace and gift that I have offered to you and your simple yes is all that is needed. When you open your little hearts to my infinite love and mercy that I offer unconditionally to each of you, it is then at that point upon your acknowledging my presence that we can have a personal relationship with each other, one that I earnestly seek. Just be present and open in my presence and allow my Most Holy Spirit to permeate your being, your soul with my true love for you. Thank you for listening. Go in peace.

December 17, 2012. St. Elizabeth's Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, do you remember many years ago when you were in Assisi and you saw a statue of me as our lady of sorrows with seven swords piercing my heart. How you noticed above everything else the deep sadness and sorrow in my eyes. Now, my son, I wish for you to contemplate how the sins of your current world are causing the swords to pierce my sorrowful heart in greater and greater pain each year since you first saw my statue in Assisi. My immaculate heart, so conceived out of the love of God is so very sensitive to the pain of sin, both physical pain and also the pain of grief and sorrow. When I witness the senseless killings of my little naïve children, the physical abuse of these little ones along with the continuation of the sin of abortion ending the life of so many of my little children, the pain of these sins piercing my heart becomes almost too much to bear. But yet, my own son Jesus, I had to witness him being beaten, scourged and hung on a cross to die and be looked by most as a common criminal. But again, love persevered and I again prayed to our Heavenly Father pleading for his love and mercy to persevere. I ask each of you, my little children, to persevere in love and hope and prayer when your little hearts become pierced witnessing the sins of your current world and ask for my intercession to join you in prayer as your mother of sorrows. Know from the depths of your little hearts that I have suffered before and will gladly suffer again with all of you knowing that Jesus will overcome all darkness and turn it into eternal light. Thank you for listening.

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