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January 24, 2011. Our Lady of Lordes Chapel at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, when you first came into this chapel you could not see the face of the statue of myself as it was blocked by the iron gate. In your humanness you were going to move as to get a better view of my face and then you noticed the iron gate itself. You have finally slowed down your restless mind and can now hear my gentle whispers to your heart. You have not been given the grace to see me but when you slow down and pray with your heart you are sometimes given the grace to hear my words to you and through you to others. Is that not a grace and privilege worth much more than seeing me? Once you could not see me through the iron gate you noticed that the iron gate had roses on the bars and on the stems of the roses were very long protruding thorns. This is to remind each of you that you will have crosses and thorns in your earthly lives as each of you travel through each day and through each thorn-like circumstance in your lives. Eventually you will reach the beautiful flower and fragrance of the rose. Is this not similar to what my son Jesus has promised to each of you? If you believe in him, you will not die but have eternal life in heaven with him. This, my little children, is the hope that our Jesus gives to you through his promise. Let your faith and hope in Jesus remind each of you of the stem that helps each of you travel from the thorns to eventually the sweet, flowery fragrance of the rose. I pray earnestly for each of you, my little children. Please meditate on these words. Thanks be to God.

February 12, 2011. St. Joseph’s Adoration Chapel.

From Jesus: My son, after sitting here in prayer a little while you can finally look and see me in the Blessed Sacrament appearing as your Jesus standing on the shoreline of the beach and looking out into the ocean as far as one can see. Meditate about how many persons have walked the earth since Adam and Eve. Now meditate on how many grains of sand are in the oceans of your world. In my divine wisdom at this present time I can tell each of you that the answer to both questions is a finite specific number known only to our Heavenly Father. Now I ask each of you how many days, months, or years will each of you, who truly believe in me and follow my ways, spend in eternity with me in Heaven? The answer to this question is an infinite number. Each of you, my dear ones, are given the free will during your finite earthly lives to choose for me or against me. I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Please, my dear ones, open your hearts to me, your humble savior. My peace I leave you.

March 8, 2011. St. Peter’s Church during Parish Mission and Exposition of Blessed Sacrament.

From the Most Holy Spirit: My son, it gives me great joy to see so many of you gathered around me and giving praise and glory to me through your prayer and song. Many years ago David sang and danced before me in the Ark of the Covenant also giving song and praise and adoration to me. To those present tonight and those who read my words I wish you to know this is a small glimpse of your future time to be spent in heaven. For each of you are my creations and I shower you with many blessings of which the greatest is the grace to spend eternity with me in heaven singing joyfully, giving praise and honor and glory to me along with all the angels and saints. My peace and love I leave with you.

April 2, 2011. St. Joseph’s Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I am well pleased that you tested the spirit before you began to write down my words to you. I wish to talk to you about purity. Purity of mind, soul and body. Your world today is constantly being attacked by impure spirits whose motive is to stain you and your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world with thoughts that are not of God. It is through holy prayer that each of you are protected similar to how an umbrella wards off the raindrops from falling on your heads. When you are pure of mind each of you can then open up yourselves to the grace of becoming pure of heart. Through direct prayer to our Heavenly Father your little hearts can be transformed by his great mercy to be hearts of purity, purity of love. As each of your hearts have become purified by the spirit of God through holy prayer, now this purity can become one with the Father right though to your soul. It is so simple and fulfills the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father. Thanks be to God.

May 3, 2011. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, you have finally quieted your restless spirit and are now open to hearing my gentle whispers. As you look upon Jesus hanging on the cross you must not forget that less than two weeks ago Good Friday occurred and you must never forget the complete abandonment that my son Jesus felt on that day and the total lack of love that was so prominent among those who wished him crucified. You know I was there along with a small handful of followers staying with our Jesus until his last breath was taken on the cross. Now, my son, you see my Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament patiently waiting for you and your fellow brothers and sisters to stay with him. He is now the resurrected Jesus, the risen Jesus, the king of glory. But yet, in all his magnificence, he still waits ever so patiently for all to stay with him. humbly ask and encourage each of you who can hear my gentle words, to come and spend time with my Jesus. He will nourish each of your little souls and through his holy presence, he will transform your hardened hearts to become loving hearts, that would have been present at his death and crucification. Thank you for listening.

June 21, 2011. St. Peter’s Chapel.

From the Most Holy Spirit: My son, as you are reciting the rosary tonight with your Tuesday evening prayer group I wish you to know that it is not only those present who are praying fervently for others tonight but also accompanying each person is their guardian angels. These angels are so enraptured to be in the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle and so pleased that the special person to whom they are to guide has chosen also to be in the presence of Jesus. Each of you must remember that when you come to mass whether it be weekly or daily, you are giving your guardian angels the blessed opportunity to also be in the presence of God. Keep in mind that these holy spiritual beings, your guardian angels are with you always wherever you go. They will always guide and lead each of you toward myself, your Triune God. Allow their wisdom to guide your spiritual lives. Go in peace.

July 19, 2011. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, as you look at me hanging on the cross you are aware of the strength in me made only possible through my weakness in allowing myself to be the sacrificial lamb for every soul on earth. My sacred heart was crushed with sorrow as I could see the future and how many persons would turn their backs to me and away from God. But yet now, just as when I hung on the cross, I wait patiently in the tabernacles throughout the world for all my human creations to come speak with me, to come spend time with me, and to allow all to heal their so very broken spirits. Allow me to melt the ice surrounding your hardened hearts. Allow my rays of love and mercy to heal your unforgiving hearts. For it is in these still moments that each of your hearts can hear my gentle voice, a voice you will only recognize or hear when you slow down and allow your heart to listen to my words meant only for you. I wish to spend eternity with you but how will you know me if you do not listen to me while on your earthly journey speaking in a voice only your heart can hear. I will truly shepherd your soul. Praise be to God.

September 13, 2011. St. Peter’s Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My child, I wish to speak to you about my true motherly love for you and each of your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world. This includes all humanity regardless of age, gender, race and faith or lack of faith. As the mother of all mankind I have shed so many tears of sorrow as I have had to witness so many senseless acts of violence, so many cold hearts, so many acts of vulgarity, selfishness and greed. I shed so many tears of sorrow as I witness my childrenleading lives seemingly only aimed toward spending eternity in hell. My heart becomes so sorrowful because despite all the transgressions of my children against my son Jesus I can see the goodness deep in the center of each of my children’s hearts. Tears of blood which originated from the scourges of the sins of my children onto my sorrowful heart stream down my face. And so, I ask you, my little children, would you pray and intercede for my children who have strayed away from our Triune God. Hearts can be changed and converted through your prayers. Let us join in prayer for my lost children. Each one of your prayers for these children helps slow the flow of tears from my sorrowful heart. Thank you for saying yes. I love you, my little children.

October 18, 2011. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, for the last few weeks while in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament you have noticed what appears to be a golden crown on top of the tabernacle. The significance of this was not made known to you. Earlier this morning at mass you were drawn to look up at the crucified Jesus hanging on the cross and then you noticed the sign at the top of the cross. This seemingly insignificant sign placed on the cross by those who mocked my son Jesus was then ordered by his worldly judge to remain on the cross with the words, "king of the Jews". As I looked up at my son Jesus hanging from the cross, blood dripping from his body, with a crown of thorns on his head, I still knew through the depths of my soul that I was looking up at the king of kings, our Lord and our messiah. I did not need to see a golden crown on his head or regal clothing to know whom I was looking up at, but yet as his mother my heart was torn and pierced with sorrow as I watched my son and king breathe his last breaths with much effort. And so now, my little children, what do each of you see when you look up at Jesus on the cross? Do you feel love or sorrow or both? Please pray that yourselves and others will see my son Jesus as he really is, our Lord and Savior and King of Kings.

November 21, 2011. St. Elizabeth's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, as you looked at me in the Blessed Sacrament the words kept coming to you that I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last. On this day honoring my mother being presented to the temple as a gift to our Heavenly Father each of you must remember that it was my mother who was the first person I saw in my human form and it was my blessed mother who was the last person I saw in my human form. She, who was born without sin, in her complete humility held me in her arms when I was taken down from the cross after my crucifixion. Her life was directed and guided to follow the most holy will of our Heavenly Father and Mary the humblest of creatures was given the honor of being my mother. But my dear ones, Mary's vocation as mother did not stop with my earthly death, it only became more important as I appointed her as the mother of all human creatures. I ask each of you to give to Mary each of your hearts. Allow my mother to guide you during your earthly journey just as she guided me. She has been given the grace to be with each of you when you were born and, if you accept her into your life, both now and at the hour of your death. Amen.

December 6, 2011. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, this morning at mass when you received me in the Eucharist and said Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed, you realized that I was taken into the roof of your mouth and you heard me say that I have healed your soul. Those words, my son, are not only spoken to you but to all those who consume my precious body or blood. I am saddened that many of my children who receive me in the Eucharist do not truly believe that it is indeed me, Jesus, who only wishes to heal the souls of my precious children. I ask each of you who can hear my words to allow me to heal each of your souls by consuming me with all your heart, soul and mind. Will you believe in my true presence?

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