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January 5, 2010 St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I am glad that you heard my gentle whispers. If you were in a large hall and the dim lights were turned out so that you are surrounded by total darkness. As you patiently wait for the lights to be turned on the minutes then turn into hours until you hear from far across the room a match being struck, see the flicker of the flame and you then can see a candle being lit and someone slowly coming across the large hall towards you. He gently takes your hand and guides you toward a door at the far side of the hall and then opens it into a brilliant light outside. You then turn around to thank the person with the candle and they are gone. My son, the large dark hall signifies how so many of those you come in contact with throughout each day wander about in the darkness of lack of faith. You, my children, must understand that you are and can be the person who struck the match and lit the candle and led them to the light. The brilliant light outside the hall signifies the light of Christ. Each of you, my little children, are given opportunities throughout each day of your lives to be that person who brings the candle of light to the spiritual darkness in the lives of those you come in contact with. Just by a kind word, a gentle smile or a humble prayer for those around you, you can be a light, the light of Christ. Please meditate upon these words and know that I pray that each of you will become in some small, gentle, humble way, the light of Christ to those around you. Thank you for listening.

January 30, 2010 St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, as you were praying you were led to meditating upon St. Gertrude and how she was known for her great prayer and intercession for the souls in purgatory. You must understand how many souls there are in purgatory who need the prayers from all my children living in your present world. I wish you to contemplate how many ancestors you alone have starting with your parents, then grandparents and so on. Just taking your ancestors in consideration, going back you can use the following numbers: 1 then 2 then 4 then 8 then 16 then 32 then 64 then 128 then 256 then 512 then 1024 then 2048 then 4096 then 8192 then 16,384. In your family alone going back 14 generations you now have over 16,000 souls to pray for of whom many prayers are needed and you have only gone back 900 years. These souls cannot pray for themselves and you might be the only one to pray for them so you can see the importance of your intercessory prayers. Now, my children, you can see how important your prayers for the souls in purgatory really are and many, many of each of your ancestors will one day because of your prayers, thank you personally in heaven. Thank you for listening. Back to heaven I return.

March 9, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, I wish you to know that there are many throughout the world who receive my sacred wounds and taste the bitter cup of my painful scourging and crucifixion as we approach the Passover Supper. These blessed victim souls, by accepting the crosses handed to them, offer reparation for the salvation of many souls throughout the world. They have each given their humble yes to my request to them. I ask each of you who can hear my words to pray for these victim souls that they may persevere in carrying their heavy crosses during the remainder of this Lenten period. I look forward to you meeting them in heaven in the future and each of you hearing how your prayers for them helped them to persevere through each of their difficult Lenten journeys. I am your Jesus of mercy and love and I thank each of you for sharing your love for me by loving others, especially these hidden victim souls of mine. My love and mercy I give to each of you.

March 24, 2010. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, when you first came into this chapel your thoughts and spirit were weighted down with worldly thoughts and worries. You were then led to visualize a monarch butterfly flying about freely in the air. But your earthly worries and thoughts soon returned and you noticed how dull and gray in color was I in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Your thoughts then returned to me in the monstrance and that you were truly in the presence of your Creator. You then felt my rays of mercy and love and it felt as if you were receiving warm rays of sunlight. You then became present in my presence and were overcome with a deep sense of peace and your spirit became alive and awakened and you noticed how I had become much brighter and whiter in the monstrance. It was because you were now seeing me with your spiritual eyes and you have become one in spirit with me, your Lord and Creator. Your spiritual transformation can be likened to the difference between a caterpillar and a monarch butterfly. I can now speak to your heart for you are now one in spirit with me. I wait for all to come spend time with me in quiet and solitude. I patiently wait for all to come to me. Come, follow me. Come, spend time with me. Come, listen to me.

April 20, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From God the Father: In the beginning I created the world and the word was with me. All creation was good and I made man in my likeness. Then out of man woman was created and I said be fruitful and multiply and it was good. Look about nature all around you. Look at the mountains, the oceans, the plants, trees and living creatures. They are beautiful. I love all my creations. Now many centuries have passed by and many of my children question my ways and even my existence. Throughout history I have allowed manifestations of nature to give glimpses of my presence to my people. Throughout history man has become more advanced both in wisdom and technology. I have interceded at times through phenomenon of nature, nature which I created. In your world these past days you are witnessing a phenomenon of my presence in the huge plume of ash reaching high in the atmosphere and halting air travel of many of my creations. Know that this happened for a holy reason, a reason that while it might to many non believers seem like a major inconvenience and monetary loss, should be understood through the eyes of faith as a divine intervention which saved many innocent lives and the future salvation of many souls. Know I love each of you and I ask each of you to recite the Lords Prayer which my son Jesus has taught you. Go in peace, my creations.

May 18, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel.

From Jesus: My son, when a drought occurs many plants which do not have deep roots in the soil soon begin to wither and, if the drought lasts long enough and no rain comes, the plants will eventually die. If rainfall does arrive soon enough, the plant is soon nourished back to good health through the moisture of the rain. When I look at the many souls who are living on the earth in your present world I am sad to say that many of your fellow brothers and sisters’ spiritual lives resemble the withering plant dying from a lack of life giving water. I wish each of you to know that I am life giving water for each of your spiritual souls. I am present before you now in the Most Blessed Sacrament and I am giving you my life giving rays of love and mercy and nourishing your soul. My life giving spiritual water refreshes your spirit and guides you to the way to eternal life. I call all to come before me like one who comes to an oasis in the desert and I will speak to your heart and shower you with my rays of love and mercy. Like a plant needs water, each of your spiritual souls need my gentle companionship, but many ignore my call and get caught up in the busyness of the world. If a plant had the intellectual capacity of each of you, do you think it would turn down a gentle rain during a drought? Become like a simple plant and reach out for my life giving love for each of you. Come, follow me.

June 22, 2010. St. Peter's Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother:

My son, when you started reciting the rosary tonight in your prayer group you were given the knowledge to be aware of how all the evil spirits present in your midst immediately fled upon the recitation of the rosary. This is a reminder to all that the rosary is a true spiritual weapon to ward off all evil spirits that tend to confuse and distract each of you, my little children, away from my son, Jesus. As your mother I ask each of you to pray the most holy rosary daily and pray it with your heart knowing it is a gift allowed by God for the spiritual protection of all his children. All glory be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Most Holy Spirit. Thank you for listening.

August 3, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, when you came into this chapel you were so caught up in prayers that you didn’t really notice my presence. You were then drawn to notice how lifelike I looked as I was hanging on the crucifix and that you had not even noticed me there before. This was to show you, my son, how many times throughout each day you and your fellow brothers and sisters do not notice or acknowledge those around you because you are so caught up in your inward thoughts about yourselves. You heard in the news today about an upset employee who shot and killed himself and eight other employees at work today. Did you think to consider how these people’s families and friend’s lives are affected by these senseless killings or how many lives were cut short. I have and am deeply affected by and deeply concerned for the safety and care for the eternal lives of all my children. I humbly ask each of you who can hear my words to become more aware of those souls whom you come in contact with and in some small way try to acknowledge your love and concern for them. For you will not know or can not imagine that with the kind deed, acknowledgment or prayer you say for those around you, how you can help to make your present world a better place and become a small part in helping the salvation of those souls whom you have, by no small coincidence, crossed paths in your earthly journey. Know of my limitless love for each of you and, if you are blessed with the opportunity, pass this love to others. My peace I leave with you.

August 31, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, as you kept your physical eyes on my son Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament you were allowed to become aware of the multitude of angels filling up this chapel all giving honor, adoration and praise to our Triune God. The angels are greatly pleased that yourself and others are here also to give honor to God. I, you heavenly mother, am also so pleased whenever you and your fellow brothers and sisters take the time to spend with Jesus. You are now finally seeing Jesus with your heart and do you not feel his limitless love and mercy for you. It is now a wonderful feeling of contentment with our Lord and God. The angels gathered here and particularly the guardian angels are so filled with joy at each of you being allowed to get a small glimpse of heaven on earth. I ask each of you, my dear children, please do not pass up opportunities that you may have to spend quiet time in prayer and adoration of my son Jesus. All glory be to the Father, the Son and the Most Holy Spirit. Thank you for listening and joining the angels in giving glory to God.

September 14, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From God Our Father: My child, you have been asked before by others and you have even thought to yourself this question, Why do bad things happen to good people? My answer is simply this, Meditate on my crucified son Jesus hanging on the cross and you will then find your answer. Go in peace knowing I wish to be with each of you for eternity.

October 5, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel.

From our Blessed Mother: My son, I have come to speak to you during the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary. Even now as you are praying there are a number of persons throughout the world who are planning death and destruction to many innocent people. These poor individuals are so full of hatred and so guided by the evil one that they do not realize the magnitude of their plan for destruction. I ask you and your fellow brothers and sisters who can hear my words to please pray, pray and pray that these hard hearts of stone will be changed. I beg each of you to pray with your hearts for this miraculous conversion of hearts to change in the next weeks ahead. You must understand, my little children, that I humbly ask each of you , one by one, to offer up your childlike prayers for the miraculous change of hearts of those, who are also my children, to have a complete change of heart and turn from their evils ways and plans toward the sweet rays of love and mercy of my son Jesus. Ask your guardian angels to assist you with these prayers. I love you and thank each of you for listening. All glory be to the Father, and the Son and the Most Holy Spirit.

November 2, 2010. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, you heard earlier today after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and you now hear voices saying, “Pray for me. Help me. We are many. Pray for us.” You were graced to hear a small segment of the blessed souls in purgatory asking for prayers for themselves to be freed from purgatory and to reach eternal glory in Heaven with our Father. You must let others know that these beautiful souls do indeed need the prayers of the faithful on earth and each of your prayers, while seeming so insignificant to each of you, do indeed help lift them closer in their journey toward heaven. Please, my dear little children, accept the truth that your prayers for these poor souls in purgatory help to accomplish our Heavenly Father’s will. I wish each of you to know that one day, the souls who were assisted by your prayers for them will thank you in heaven and know that they will pray for you during your earthly journey. My motherly love I leave with each of you. Thank you for listening. Back to heaven I return.

November 27, 2010. St. Peter’s Church During Holy Hour.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, how it pleases my Immaculate Heart when my children come before my son Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and recite the holy rosary. Tonight while you are reciting the luminous mysteries, my heart rejoices that each of you can meditate on these new mysteries which further open up the eyes of my children to even more of the life story of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. You are each so very blessed to be living in a generation in which one of my pope-sons, John Paul II, was chosen and accepted the role of introducing this new set of mysteries to the world. These luminous mysteries were directed by God our Father and inspired by the Most Holy Spirit to further explain the life of God the Son, Jesus. Know that the most holy rosary is a spiritual weapon against the subtle trappings of the evil one in your present world and in future generations. Tonight as you prayed the rosary you saw the occasional black smoke from the flame of the altar candles letting you know, yes evil does exist in your present world, but through the recitation of the most holy rosary, many of these evil spirits will be cast away from your current paths. This spiritual weapon allows each of you, my little children, to see the light of Jesus more clearly and enable the light of Jesus to shine brightly through you to others. Thank you for listening and saying yes to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

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