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January 13, 2009. St. Peter's Chapel during Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, tonight you distinctly heard the sound of my sacred heart beating steadily for all of mankind. This steady beat of my sacred heart is solely beating for all who come before me. You can only hear this loving heart throb when you are still but know it is my heart beating for you and your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world. My love and mercy is for all who come to me. I only ask each of you, "Come, follow me." As your heart beats, so does mine and we are one. My peace I leave you.

January 22, 2009. Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I hear your heartfelt prayers for an end to abortion in your lifetime and from your brothers and sisters throughout the world and I gather them into my Immaculate Heart and take them to Jesus. You must not look at the man made evil of abortion as a law that will not be changed in the near future but you and your brothers and sisters must persist in prayer and fasting to help to accomplish the will of God. Although at times it seems hopeless to you, you must understand that each of your little prayers are taken up to heaven and the millions of these little heart felt prayers from your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world then combine into one very beautiful chorus of prayers to our Heavenly Father. All of heaven rejoices with each of your prayers and gives glory to God. Do not let the evil one fill your thoughts with helplessness but keep praying and fasting which will strengthen each of your little lives with faith and hope in knowing that your prayers for these most defenseless children are heard and will be answered in God's most perfect time. Thank you for listening. I love each of you.

February 21, 2009. St. Joseph's Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, you have been hearing the words, "Let it be done to me according to thy will." What do these words mean? When the angel Gabriel appeared to me and asked me to participate in God's plan to be the mother of his only begotten son, I answered with the words, "Let it be done to me according to thy will." When my son Jesus agreed to the divine will of the Father to become man, be persecuted and crucified, he also answered with the same words. My little children, during my earthly life my Immaculate Heart was pierced with a sword constantly knowing that my son Jesus was born so that he would suffer and die in order to redeem mankind for the forgiveness of their sins and your sins. You too, my little children, will have your hearts pierced with suffering, illness, loneliness and other crosses and crowns of thorns handed to you throughout your earthly life. As your mother I wish to let you know that if you accept these crosses placed into your lives with an open heart and offer these crosses to our Father as a gift to him for the salvation of souls, you then begin to comprehend the depths of the words, "Let it be done to me according to thy will" and you then help to accomplish the divine will of our Father in a small but most important way in addition to growing in grace and holiness as a child of God. Trust in God's mercy and love during every moment of your earthly lives. Thank you for listening.

March 18, 2009. St. Elizabeth's Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I wish to speak to you about the large soaring bird that you saw in the sky through the chapel window yesterday. As your mother I encourage you to pray and pray often. Your prayers from your heart for others are a gift that allows these petitions, conversations and prayerful thoughts to rise above your earthly body and soar like the flight of an eagle toward our Heavenly Father. This is a grace that is available to all who slow down your busy lives and go to a quiet setting where each of you can transform your earthly lives into spirit filled lives. This transformation is much greater than the change from a caterpillar into a butterfly for it is through prayer and listening to our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Spirit that our lives do transform and we become children of God in both body and spirit soaring above your earthly burdens and growing closer to God. I thank each of you for listening. I love each of you and I pray for you always.

March 31, 2009. St. Peter's Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, how well pleased am I when I hear your prayer group gather before my son Jesus and offer prayer petitions and the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary. It was over ten years ago when I first spoke to you during this prayer group and I wish you to know that I have been with your group during every Tuesday evening that you have gathered together in prayer. As the mother of all mankind I am present whenever groups of my little children gather together in prayer and petitions to my son Jesus both here and throughout the world. It is in these gatherings of prayer that I am beside each of you as your mother, teacher and intercessor. You must remember what a great spiritual safeguard is the Most Holy Rosary against the evils so pervasive in your current world. I thank each of you who participate in these cenacles of prayer throughout the world and know that all heaven rejoices that each of you has said yes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Go in peace. Back to heaven I return.

May 12, 2009. St. Peter's During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, for the past few weeks I have appeared to you in this chapel hanging lifelike on the cross during my crucifixion. You have felt my presence as your Jesus suffering quietly on my cross patiently waiting to die in order to accomplish my Father's perfect will. I wish to touch your heart and those who hear my words how painful and lonely it was for me hanging on my holy cross. Your presence now comforts my sacred heart so crushed by the sins of mankind. Feel my pain and my feelings of total abandonment by so many who days earlier followed me. Can you stay with me now at this present moment? Will you too abandon me to the ways of the world?

May 19, 2009.

From Our Blessed Mother: My children, I earnestly pray that the gentle words of my son Jesus have personally touched each of your little hearts. For this is what Jesus wants for each of you, a personal relationship with him. Just as he called to each of you while suffering on his cross, when each of you receive the grace to receive crosses in your lives, call on my son Jesus and he will personally help each of you carry the burdens of your personal crosses which become holy crosses when you share them with our Lord and Savior Jesus. Please meditate upon these words. Thank you for listening.

May 19, 2009. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, over two thousand years ago, during the Passover meal with my apostles, I instituted the Eucharist. Through the apostolic succession and through the sacrament of holy orders, today throughout the world through my holy priests, man made bread and wine is consecrated and transubstantiated into my body and blood so each of you may see me in a very physical way. Tonight I am before you in the most Blessed Sacrament patiently waiting for all my children to come before me, speak to me, spend time with me and to be nourished spiritually by me. I am comforted by all who come to spend time with me. I call out to many but my gentle voice is heard by so few. As I was in constant communication with my father, that is what I long to be with each of you, in a constant personal relationship. It is in quiet chapels such as this where you can hear my gentle voice speaking to each of your hearts. In your so very busy world, Satan is ever so cleverly taking many souls towards the depths of hell making their lives so cluttered that there is no time spent with me, your Lord and Savior and special friend who loves each of you so unconditionally. I thank each of you who have listened to my gentle, loving voice and I pray that more and more of your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world will come before me and allow me to heal all my beloved children throughout the world. My peace I leave with each of you.

June 9, 2009. St. Peter's Church during Adoration.

From God Our Father: My child, this morning you read my holy scripture in Exodus describing how I spoke to the people at Mt. Sinai through thunder, lightning and earthquakes before I gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Earlier this morning and even just a few moments ago you heard violent thunder and lightning. During the violence of the storm this morning with lightning, thunder and driving rain, did you not feel my presence and power? I am the same God today who appeared to Moses many, many centuries ago and I am the same God for all eternity. Just as the power and might that I can exhibit through lightning, thunder, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, monsoons and floods, the Ten Commandments that I gave to Moses should still serve as the basis for each of you to live your lives while here on earth. These commandments will endure through time, societies and cultures. Each of you as one of my creations, I ask to live by my commandments to make your world one where all live within my divine will. When you see these signs of myself in these extreme natural occurrences, know that these are signs of your times for each of you to live by and to obey my commandments. I, the Lord have spoken.

June 23, 2009. St. Peter's Chapel during Adoration.

From the Holy Spirit: My son, you have been shown tonight how many times over the past weeks that I have allowed my Most Holy Spirit to bless yourself and those around you with my infinite gifts of love, mercy, healing and reconciliation all for the glory of God. So many of my children do not understand that I travel throughout the earth with the only purpose of bringing all souls to know Jesus and the fullness of the love of God your Heavenly Father. My means of communicating and showering of my graces to all who are open to my gentle promptings cannot be explained by human secular reason. My love, my Holy Spirit can permeate all barriers set up by Satan to obstruct the salvation of souls. I hear and respond to each prayer request through my Most Holy Spirit to enlighten all souls to the love, mercy and healing of God your Heavenly Father. I ask each of you who can hear my words to say often and with your hearts, Come Holy Spirit. Come through the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your dearly beloved spouse. Come and renew the face of the earth. Know I will be with each of you always during your earthly journeys and forever in heaven. Go in peace.

July 28, 2009. St. Peter's Chapel during Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, when you look at me hanging on the cross you thought of how few people stayed with me when I was dying on the cross at Golgotha. Many of you think with foolish pride that if you lived at the time of my crucifixion you would have stayed and prayed for me and not run away with fear or to another more important activity. Now you see me and are in my presence right here and now in this chapel as I patiently wait here in the form of the Most Blessed Sacrament waiting, calling and welcoming all to spend time with me. I wish each of you to know that this precious time you spend with me becomes a very holy and grace filled time for you by my divine presence. All who come before me are treated as if each of you are the most important soul on earth to me and know that you are. My sacred heart longs to spend quiet time with each of you nourishing with heavenly graces your spirit and soul. But yet, many of my beautiful creations are so busy with worldly preoccupations and busyness that I am not visited by many of your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world. For to know me, you must spend time with me and not always think that you can get to know me at a later more convenient time in your life. For today could be your last day on earth. I have always said those who believe in me will not die but have everlasting life. Come, follow me. Come, listen to me. Come, spend time with me.

September 20, 2009. St. Joseph's Adoration Chapel.

From Jesus: My son, when you first came into this little chapel you were drawn to the stained glass window showing an angel placing a crown of thorns on one of my saintly daughter's head. But this action was soon forgotten as you began praying for all those in your life who needed prayers. It was only when you finally surrendered all these petitions and prayers to the divine will of my Father that you felt the burden of your prayers being gently lifted from your shoulders and a heavenly peace came about you and enveloped you. Now, my son, you are drawn to the crown of thorns placed on my head which was so very painful and burdensome to me. Do you think that the surrendering of myself to the divine will of my Father and accepting my crown of thorns was any less burdensome than the crown of thorns placed on your head or on your fellow brothers and sisters throughout their lives. Remember, I also received the same and probably much worse pain, sufferings and sorrows that each of you of you receive but it is at these times when each of you can call to me and I will be at your side to help ease these crowns of thorns and crosses that each of you are blessed to receive. I will be with each of you until the end of time. Know that by accepting and embracing these crowns of thorns you are helping to accomplish the divine will of our Heavenly Father. Please meditate on these words. Go in peace.

September 29, 2009. St. Mary's Adoration Chapel.

From St. Gabriel: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. All praise, all honor, all glory goes to our Heavenly Father. My child, as you look at our Triune God in the Most Blessed Sacrament held by the beautifully adorned monstrance you are receiving a small glimpse of the love and adoration the heavenly choirs of angels, the archangels and the guardian angels have for our glorious God. Your human eyes are not privy to the celestial harmony of music sung by all the angels and saints giving glory to God. I wish you to let all of your brothers and sisters know how much each of you are intimately loved by God our creator. Throughout the history of mankind our God had allowed myself and other chosen angels to announce greetings and guidance solely to accomplish the perfect will of our Heavenly Father. Each of you have been given guardian angels to guide, lead and protect you during your earthly journey to point each of you toward eternal life in heaven. Know that these truths do exist. Pray to your angels for guidance and protection. Know all heaven is constantly praying for each of you. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! Blessed be God forever!

October 10, 2009. St. Joseph’s Adoration Chapel.

From God the Father: My son, you have heard and read the words Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Each of you are a precious gem in my divine eyes. Each and every child has been given the gift of life at conception each with a unique set of gifts and blessings all to accomplish my divine and perfect will. What I have created, let no man destroy. The sin of abortion in your present world and the cold hearted killing of these holy innocents has shaken the very doors of heaven. Woe to those in public office who turn their heads to this terrible sin and ignore the teachings of my son Jesus. Woe to those who work in those facilities where abortions are performed and work as counselors, nurses or doctors. Woe to those citizens of your country who have with lukewarm hearts voted for political candidates who support the sin of abortion. Unless hearts are changed and laws of nations supporting abortions become reversed and hearts become contrite, my divine justice will very soon fall upon your present world. I, the Lord your God, have spoken.

November 17, 2009. St. Peter’s Chapel During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother:

My son, you have finally awakened from your spiritual slumber and are now ready to hear my gentle whispers to your heart. You have heard from the Most Holy Spirit over the past week the words, "the truth will set you free". What does this mean? Jesus is the truth. His death, resurrection and ascension into heaven were witnessed by many, but there are still those today who do not believe these truths. My son Jesus has said those who believe in him will not die but will have everlasting life with him in heaven. Still, there are many who do not believe his words. I plead with each of you, my little children, to believe in these truths. The sharp knife-like wisdom of the Holy Spirit will piece by piece, cut away those sins which cling to each of you and hold each of you from a more open, loving relationship with Jesus. This is true freedom. This is what each of your souls long for deep within your physical bodies. For when each of you is free of the distractions of this world, you will one day see Jesus in all his truth and splendor. I pray for each of you, my little children, to open your hearts and let the truths of Jesus set you free. Thank you for listening.

December 1, 2009. St. Peter’s Church During Adoration. (Note from Mike A. I kept hearing the words being sung, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.")

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, no one knows the time or place when Jesus will come to your world in his full glory, but I ask each of you, will you be ready? He will come in such a flash and before all and no one will be spared of this personal meeting. All your life will appear before you as a fast moving movie showing you your unconfessed sins and offenses against our Heavenly Father. You will observe how your sins have acted like a sharp pointed scourge against the delicate skin of the Lamb of God, Jesus. Those who survive this illumination of their soul and warning will then see Jesus in his full glory and splendor and will be welcomed by the Lamb of God into his heavenly kingdom. When Jesus comes into his kingdom will you have the faith to recognize him. Will you have the grace to believe that Jesus will give you through his love and mercy the grace to see the illumination of your soul and be embraced to enter into his kingdom forever. As your mother, know I pray for this grace to be received and accepted by each of you. Thank you for listening.

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