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January 13, 2008 . St. Peter's Church before Mass.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, the tears of blood that your heart saw streaming down my face are tears of sorrow for the many of my little children who have turned their backs to our Heavenly Father and are on a journey leading them to eternal damnation. Today should be a day that all my children should give thanks and praise, honor and adoration to our Heavenly Father and who have an opportunity to see the miracle of the Eucharist, but instead they turn their backs to God by partaking in other seemingly more important activities. How it pierces my sorrowful heart when instead of worshipping Jesus our Lord and Savior, the gods of work, of professional sporting events, or other seemingly important activities become the focus of many of my children's lives. I ask each of you who can hear my words, how long is a lifetime on earth? It is only a finite number of days. What continues to pierce my sorrowful heart is that many of my little children in your present world are living their lives as if they have an infinite amount of days of their lives on earth. It is during your earthly journeys that you can invite Jesus into your lives and share this precious time on earth growing in your relationship with Jesus, our Lord and God. What will happen to your brothers and sisters throughout the world who were too busy with their earthly activities to get to know, love and adore Jesus? The reason for my tears of sorrow is for those of my children who have come before Jesus at the end of their earthly journeyand he has said to them,"I do not know you. You did not know me during your earthly life therefore I cannot allow you to spend eternity with me in heaven." Please, my little children, pray, pray and pray for your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world to place our Lord and Savior, Jesus, first in their lives, to get to know, love and adore Jesus and to spend eternity in heaven with our Heavenly Father. I love each of you my little children. Thank you for listening.

February 13, 2008. St. Mary of the Assumption Adoration Chapel.

From God the Father: My son, I am pleased that you were open to my Most Holy Spirit prompting you to come to this sacred oasis of peace for it is here that you are away from the sounds of your world, sounds which block my means of communication to the very hearts and souls of my dear children. Being free from the noise of cell phones, radios, ipods and television allows each of you to hear my call to speak to your hearts. I am the same God of Adam, of Abraham and of Moses. For to each I have said to be fruitful and multiply. But today, as in ages past, so many of my children have lost their faith in me, their Lord and God. I have created the Ten Commandments as a guide upon which to serve as a basis for doing my will, but there are few who treat all of these commandments seriously. Through my son, Jesus, I have given each of you the source to spend eternal life in heaven with me, but his ways of life and teachings have fallen on deaf ears. I wish each of you to know that I come to each of you in the silence of your hearts. I have made adoration chapels such as this one available throughout the world. I encourage each of you to spend more time in these quiet places of prayer. Much greater is my Fatherly love for you than are all the worldly treasures of this world. Allow my most Holy Spirit to guide your hearts to return to me, your Lord and God. My heavenly blessing I leave to you.

February 24, 2008. St. Joseph's Adoration Chapel.

From Jesus: My son, when you came to this beautiful little chapel you offered prayers and thanksgiving for your family members, for those who were very sick and many other prayers and petitions. But you were praying to me as if I were a far off God and then you finally heard my gentle voice to your heart saying to you to speak to me here, for I am present right before you in the Blessed Sacrament. It is really, I, your Jesus of love and mercy, truly present for you and all your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world who look for me. It is my desire to speak to you when you come to me in the silence of your hearts. I wish to listen to your prayers and petitions, I wish to hear about your hurts and anxieties, I wish to share in your sorrows and joys. You ask me, why I would be so interested in spending time, listening and speaking to each of you and my answer is so very simple. I love you as only a creator can love his creations. This divine love is offered to each of you. Come, follow me as I lead you on the journey to spend eternity with me in heaven. My love and mercy for you has no limits. My peace I leave you.

March 9. 2008. St. Peter's Church.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, today the time in your area of the country in which you live has been put forward one hour. What has happened to that lost hour? You would agree that it is now one hour later that it was at the same time as yesterday as determined by your human leaders. No one questions this. But I ask you this, why is my existence as determined by our Heavenly Father as the mother of Jesus, the mother of all mankind and the queen of heaven questioned by many. Why, if you can accept that today's time is one hour ahead of yesterday's time, can people not accept that through the divine will of God I am given the grace to transcend time and space to help to accomplish the will of our Father. God has blessed me with an Immaculate Heart to love each of you, my little children, with a love pure and holy, a love for ALL my children on the earth. I ask each of you to accept these truths with childlike faith and I ask each of you to get to know, love and accept my son Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I ask each of you to pray, pray and pray that the hearts of my children that are hardened and proud and cannot hear my gentle voice as their mother, will become interiorly transformed to become hearts of childlike faith in my son Jesus. I thank each of you for your prayers for others and for saying yes to my call. Back to heaven I return.

March 26, 2008. St. Simon and Jude Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother:

My son, I often ask my little children to flee to my Immaculate Heart for protection and guidance during these turbulent times in your present world. In order to flee to my Immaculate heart you must first quiet down your senses through prayer. For I speak to hearts in a gentle soft whisper. Each of you, my little children, must set aside some quiet time each day to spend in prayer patiently listening with your hearts to the prompting of the Most Holy Spirit guiding each of you toward the divine will of our Heavenly Father. When you flee to my Immaculate heart I will teach you in the ways of patience, humility and an understanding that each of you are truly loved by me with a heavenly, motherly love. In the refuge of my Immaculate heart I will guide you gently towards learning more about my son Jesus and his school of love. It is my desire to offer the refuge of my Immaculate heart to ALL my children throughout the world and I wish to share this heavenly refuge with each of you more and more throughout your earthly lives. Please meditate upon these words especially spoken to each of you. Thank you for listening.

May 6, 2008. St. Mary Magdalen Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, what a restless heart you have today. You have finally calmed down your restless spirit by fleeing to the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. When you come to my Immaculate Heart in prayer you are given the grace to free your human spirit of its weight and it seems like your spirit is now carried by angels closer and closer to the light of my son Jesus. You can thus feel as if your heart is enveloped between my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the present moment you are free of the worldly weights and ways of your human world. Does it not seem to you, my son, that you are seeing a small glimpse of heaven while still here on earth. Our two hearts have become one with yours. Let others know that I patiently wait for each of my little children to come to flee to my Immaculate Heart where I can nourish each of your spirits in the heavenly ways of our Lord and Savior, Jesus and take each one of you to his Sacred Heart where he waits for each of you. Pray that others throughout the world will open the eyes of their hearts to these heavenly graces. All glory be to God our Father, God the Son and God the Most Holy Spirit.

May 26, 2008. St. Peter Church During Adoration.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, as you look at the statue of me you see that tears seem to be flowing down my face and I appear to be so sad. This look, my son, is from seeing so many of my children who have perished over the last few years from violence or from natural disasters and whose souls were not in a state of grace from leading lives in total indifference to God our Father. Meditate, my son , over the last few years and recall how many of your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world have perished physically from natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, cyclones, floods and earthquakes. Do you think my son, that these children of mine who perished from these natural disasters knew that these disasters were coming and that their earthly lives would soon come to an abrupt ending. If they knew about their sudden upcoming death, do you not think that each of these children of mine would have taken their spiritual wellbeing more seriously. Is today's society much different than those who perished at Sodom and Gomorrah? Wake up, my little children! It grieves my sorrowful heart to see so many souls being lost to the evil one. I ask each of you, do you think that those who perished knew any different about their impending death than each of you would have been aware yourselves or what might occur to you in the near future. One thing is certain, my dear children. each of you will at some finite time reach an earthly death. But it is you spiritual well being or the salvation of your souls which is most important. You must commit each of your lives to love God our Father with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. Loving your neighbor as yourself includes praying for your neighbor that they may be open to and believe in our Triune God. Love your neighbor as yourself by living your lives as my son Jesus taught all during his earthly ministry. I pray that each of you will say yes to God's divine will for each of your lives and that you will live in eternity in heaven. Know that I pray for each of you both now and at the hour of your death. Go in peace.

July 8, 2008. St. Peter Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, early this morning you read about me in the Gospel of John. At mass this morning you heard about how I healed the sick over two thousand years ago. Now, at this moment in time, you are before me in this little chapel and I am present to you, alive in this Most Blessed Sacrament and I am pleased that you have opened the eyes of your heart to listen to me. Know that I make myself present to you and any of your brothers and sisters throughout the world who wish to visit and speak with me. I am truly your Jesus of mercy and I wish to heal your broken hearts just as I have healed many broken hearts over the last two thousand years. It is my wish to have my divine love and mercy fall like gentle rain on your little hearts As a gentle rain washes away dust and dirt from little flowers, I wish to clean each of your lives from the burdens of sins, hurts, and physical, emotional and spiritual ailments that touch each of your little lives. I say to each of you, Come, follow me. I will lead you and guide you toward the path of holiness. Do not despair! Come to me with an open, contrite heart and I will guide each of you with my gentle yoke of love and mercy on your journey of life, eternal life with our Father in heaven. My personal invitation is open to all as I wish to heal all and welcome all into my heavenly kingdom. Open the doors of your hearts to me and share my good news of salvation to others. My peace I leave with each of you.

July 31, 2008. St. Joseph's Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, when you came into this beautiful little chapel tonight you noticed that the three candles on each side of my Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament were burned down very low so that the candles were short in length. As you began your prayers and the Most Holy Spirit guided you to those who needed your intercessory prayers the flames of the little candles shone brightly helping to bring more light to my Jesus in the monstrance. The candles tonight can be a lesson for you and others who can hear my words. When you first come to know Jesus your spiritual lives are similar to a newly lit candle. There is much length in the candle compared to the length of the flame of the candle. As each of you become older and grow in faith your earthly lives become similar to the candles. As the candles become shorter, this signifies your earthly days are becoming shorter with each passing day. As your faith grows, the flames which signifies your spiritual life grows brighter and becomes a greater and greater percentage in relation to the diminishing size of the candles. As each of you, my little children, travel on your earthly journeys I pray that the flames of your spiritual lives and your love of Jesus will remind you of the little candles tonight, small, physical length of the candle but increasing proportion in the size of your spiritual flames. This, my little children, is a shining symbol to those around you that the light of Christ is growing in each of you and each of you are becoming a beacon of light and hope to those who come in contact with you. I pray that the spiritual flames of love for Jesus in each of you will grow with each passing day. I thank each of you for taking the time to listen to me. Back to heaven I return.

August 26, 2008. St. Peter Church During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son as you look at the monstrance, the reflection of the light causes the monstrance to look multi dimensional. It is hard to tell what is real or unreal as you look at the various dimensional depths of these reflections. It seems to you as if you are looking at another dimension and has caused you to lose track of where you are. Your eyes have now focused on me in the center of the monstrance in the Blessed Sacrament. As your eyes are now focused on me a peace has now overcome you and you can see me as who I am, your Jesus. I am the truth, the way and the light. I wish you to always understand that when keeping the eyes of your heart focused on me you will always be able to perceive things more clearly in your life and you will be more open to the truths and teachings that I spoke to all that would listen during my earthly journey. These truths are now written and recorded in the holy gospels for all to read in every language throughout the world. Sometimes, my children, during your earthly lives when you take your eyes off of me, you cannot see things clearly and things may appear to each of you like seeing things multi dimensionally or uncertain. Do not let the evil one cloud your eyes with confusion about the sins of abortion, promiscuity, slander or any other disorder of my Father's commandments. I gently ask each of you to read more about my life and teachings in the gospels and I encourage each of you to come, follow me. I will guide each of you to my Father in heaven. My peace I leave with each of you.

September 23, 2008. St. Joseph's Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, as you look up at my son Jesus hanging on the cross with his human earthly life just taken from him, can you feel the pain and emptiness that I had felt? My Jesus, who had cured so many others, who had forgiven so many repentant sinners and who had spoken to so many cheering crowds was left to die on a cross surrounded by only his Apostle John and myself and a very few others. My immaculate sorrowful heart shuttered with pain and emptiness. I ask you and those who can read my words, Was his sacrifice of his life worthwhile? Has his giving up his earthly life for each of you been fully understood? You, my little children, must understand that he died so that each of you who believe in him shall not die, but have life everlasting. For when each of you accept Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice for each of you, feel his pain and the total abandonment that he felt, you can then understand his divine love and mercy for each of you. I ask each of you to keep your eyes focused on my Jesus dying on the cross, for without witnessing and understanding his death on the cross, you will not understand the full meaning of his resurrection and gift to each of you who believe in him of everlasting life. Thank you for listening and I pray the eyes of your hearts will witness this mystery on the cross.

October 16, 2008. St. Joseph's Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, as I have told you so many times before, when you have finally calmed your restless spirit and become still, you can now hear my gentle words to your heart. The life of a caterpillar consists of it crawling on the ground ever so slowly. Its movements seem to be weighted by the burdens of the world. It is very susceptible to being consumed by other animals, birds or insects. At some point in its life the low lying caterpillar becomes transformed into a free flying butterfly. It is not restricted to the weight of its world but now can fly freely to different flowers. This is a remarkable physical transformation. Each of you, my little children, are subject to the weights of the world. Your lives become burdened and weighted down by the times in your life when you turn your gaze away from our Heavenly Father and you ever so slowly become weighted down like the caterpillar with the sins of the world. As time goes on each of you becomes more and more weighted with these little sins that if you were a caterpillar you would never dream or think that you could be free from the burdens of sin and fly like a butterfly. This, my little children, is why my son Jesus instituted the sacrament of reconciliation and makes himself available to each of you through his holy priests. I encourage each of you, my little children, to go to frequent confession to lift the weighted burdens on your souls created by sin and become like a butterfly with a clean unblemished soul. I ask each of you to come before one of my priest sons to the sacrament of reconciliation and allow Jesus to help to change your lives from caterpillars into butterflies. I thank each of you for listening. Thanks be to God.

October 26, 2008. St. Joseph's Adoration chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, I am pleased that you listened to my call for you to come before Jesus today in adoration. For it is in quiet chapels that you can be still and listen to my words to your heart. During mass this morning you noticed the rays of light coming from the high windows of the church and shining down upon you. In these rays of light you noticed thousands and thousands of particles of dust in constant movement. You then noticed many particles moving upwards and even more moving downwards. This, my son, is to show you the many souls today whose earthly lives will end and you are seeing a glimpse of the direction of their souls. The upward particles of dust represent all those souls who will be rising to heaven today. The downward particles represent those who by their fruits and lack of faith in their earthly lives are making their descent towards eternal damnation. You then noticed when all the congregation prayed the our father how it seemed that many more particles or souls seemed to rise up than down. This was to show each of you the importance of gathering together as the body of Christ and how these prayers do indeed help to lead souls toward heaven. I ask each of you, my little children, to increase the prayers for your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world, that they may make changes in their earthly lives that will bring them closer to my son Jesus and become rising souls with their eyes focused toward heaven. I also ask each of you to pray for the poor souls in purgatory more fervently to assist in their rise to eternal life in heaven. Thank you for listening.

November 18, 2008. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From St.Veronica: My brother in Christ, tonight you have been given the prompting to contemplate on the sixth station of the cross where I offered my veil to wipe the bloodied face of our Lord Jesus. As I looked from the crowd at our Lord Jesus all I could see was the sorrowful tortured face of Jesus as he struggled to stay upright while carrying his heavy cross to Golgotha. All around him people cursed and spat at him with sheer diabolic hatred in their voices. But I knew that I only cared about aiding my poor Jesus. He was loved by so many in his life but now was surrounded by a loveless crowd. I then saw my chance to comfort my Lord and rushed out to offer him my veil just to wipe the blood and sweat off his face. And then I saw those deep blue eyes which said so many unsaid words to my heart. I knew deep in my heart that I was given the grace to offer just a small token of gratitude to my Lord who had done so much for me. And then it was over. That loving, tortured face still implanted deep in my memory. And so I ask each of you, my brothers and sisters, can you not during your busy days take the time to wipe the brow or perform some act of kindness to some of those less fortunate brothers and sisters around you. Think of them as I thought of Jesus. Allow your heart to be a heart of love and compassion for those less fortunate brothers and sisters. Be the modern day Veronicas. If your hearts are hardened and blind to those around you, please pray to me for my intercession to help change your hardened hearts to become loving compassionate hearts and you will see the joyful gratified face of Jesus in the faces of those you assist. All glory be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Most Holy Spirit.

November 30, 2008. St. Peter's Chapel During Adoration.

From Jesus: My son, when you first came into this chapel you had many thoughts and prayer petitions on your mind. After you had finished saying the rosary and prayers for your family members your restless mind slowed down and you then came into the full awareness that I, your Lord and Triune God, am truly in your presence. I am now speaking to your heart and to those who can read my words. Can each of you spend one hour with me? During that time I will hear all of your prayers and once your restless minds slow down it is then when I can speak to each of your little hearts in only a way that the creator can speak to his creations. This is the language of love. For I came into this world solely for the love of each of you to guide you on the path of righteousness, faith and love, all pointing toward everlasting life. Be still and know that I am here. It is in this stillness that I can guide each of your little hearts in my ways, not the world's ways. As you learn to listen for me you will recognize my voice just like a sheep learns it's shepherd's voice. I thank each of you for listening and my sacred heart patiently waits for each of you to be still, listen and know that I am here. My heavenly peace I leave with you.

December 13, 2008. St. Mary Magdalen Adoration Chapel.

From Our Blessed Mother: My son, when you came into this beautiful chapel and looked at Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament you noticed a little pink shining gem in the monstrance. This little gem reminded you of me and then the shining gem seemed to fade away and your eyes turned to Jesus. This, my child, was what my life was solely created for, to give glory to God by bringing all I came in contact with to Jesus our Lord and Savior. It was a grace given to me by our creator, to bring all to Jesus and to point all to Jesus. Starting with St. Joseph, Elizabeth, Zacharia, John the Baptist in the womb, followed by the shepherds, the three wise men, and then the prophetess Anna and Simeon. Everything was to point all to Jesus. I was to become more humble, more gentle, more loving and more patient in my life conceived for the wonderful grace to point the way to Jesus. As St. John the Baptist said, he must increase and I must decrease. This was true in my life and it must be true in each of your little lives. For when each of you decrease in selfishness, arrogance, greed, lust, impatience, anger and unforgivness, you will then grow in charity, humility, purity, patience, peace and forgiveness all helping each of you to grow in grace and attracting others whom you come in contact with toward Jesus. For each of you, my children, must decrease and Jesus in your lives must increase. It is then that others will say about each of you that you are full of grace and the Lord is with each of you. Thank you for saying yes to Jesus.

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